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Richard Lackey is a digital cinema technology specialist with an extensive knowledge and experience of digital motion-picture imaging and post production. Since 2009, Digital Cinema Demystified presents news, facts, guides and opinion on the technology and issues at the nexus of the art, tech and commerce of digitally produced cinematic content.


Movie Marketing – Marketing Your Independent Film

Movie marketing is serious business. Effectively marketing your independent film is more important than the blood, sweat, tears and money it takes to make. There are many possible ways a film will find distribution, but the following assumes that you are marketing and distributing your film yourself. Planning To Fail […]


Why I Don’t Specify Mac Pro For High Demand Post Tasks

I consult for many small to mid sized post houses and I don’t like to specify an Apple Mac Pro for the most demanding post applications. I’m often asked why. Here’s why. Control First I’ll ask one simple question. Who is in control of your post pipeline? There’s only one correct answer to […]


Breaking Into The Film Industry Will Never Come Down To 5 Simple Steps

I see more and more of these ridiculous headlines appearing across respected filmmaking blogs and social media these days… 5 Simple Steps to Kick Ass in the Film Industry, or Tips on Breaking Into the Film Industry. Now I often title my articles 5 Steps… or 5 Things… in relation to […]


4K Mobile and Web Video Production – Digital Cinema To Go

4K is here to stay, and it’ll go mobile too. Web video production is on the rise. We are consuming video on phones and tablets more than any other device. Marketing videos, corporate videos and even Youtube vlogging is part of our daily entertainment mix whether we like it or […]


How To Choose The Right Video Color Space

In my last post we looked at what a color space is, and now I’ll introduce the video color spaces you need to know. You can recap by reading the last post here. What Is A Color Space? In summary, I described a color space as: “a standard that defines […]


What Is A Color Space?

The term ‘color space’ is often thrown around, the most familiar being Rec709, but what is a color space? Well, Rec709 is just one of a few common video color spaces that are important to know. I’ve been writing a lot lately over at cinema5d.com on color management starting with […]