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Richard Lackey is a filmmaker, digital cinema technology and workflow specialist with an extensive knowledge and experience of digital motion-picture imaging and post production. Digital Cinema Demystified presents news, facts, guides and opinion on the technology and issues at the nexus of the art, tech and commerce of digitally produced cinematic content.

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Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K EF First Impressions

If you’ve pre-ordered your Blackmagic URSA Mini, your patience has probably worn thin, and you’re hungry for any news on Blackmagic’s latest elusive camera. Well, since IBC a few cameras have surfaced here and there but real-world information takes some searching. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on […]

Arri Alexa 65 Next Generation Cinema Camera Technology

More Resolution, Higher Dynamic Range, Larger Sensors

It is clear that more is more when it comes to the latest high-end cinema camera technology. More pixels, more dynamic range, larger sensors, and more data. Enough will never be enough. This means more options for us as creators and far more flexibility when it comes to how we […]


DaVinci Resolve System Requirements – A Reality Check

There is a dire need for a reality check among new DaVinci Resolve users. So here it is, a DaVinci Resolve system requirements reality check. DaVinci Resolve is an amazing and powerful piece of software, however just installing the software does not constitute a workable system. Resolve is one of the […]


Movie Marketing – Marketing Your Independent Film

Movie marketing is serious business. Effectively marketing your independent film is more important than the blood, sweat, tears and money it takes to make. There are many possible ways a film will find distribution, but the following assumes that you are marketing and distributing your film yourself. Planning To Fail […]


Why I Don’t Specify Mac Pro For High Demand Post Tasks

I consult for many small to mid sized post houses and I don’t like to specify an Apple Mac Pro for the most demanding post applications. I’m often asked why. First a disclaimer, I’m not talking about the needs of the average individual editor or colorist here who is working with a […]


Breaking Into The Film Industry Will Never Come Down To 5 Simple Steps

I see more and more of these ridiculous headlines appearing across respected filmmaking blogs and social media these days… 5 Simple Steps to Kick Ass in the Film Industry, or Tips on Breaking Into the Film Industry. Now I often title my articles 5 Steps… or 5 Things… in relation to […]