Tech Talk

Become a Jedi Master of Digital Imaging

Unlock Your Creativity – Understand the Science of Digital Imaging Shoot first and ask questions later… fix it in post… It doesn’t have to be that way. You can master the science behind your art. Digital Imaging is the Marriage of Art and Science For me as a creator, a technologist, […]

Arri Alexa 65 Next Generation Cinema Camera Technology

More Resolution, Higher Dynamic Range, Larger Sensors

It is clear that more is more when it comes to the latest high-end cinema camera technology. More pixels, more dynamic range, larger sensors, and more data. Enough will never be enough. This means more options for us as creators and far more flexibility when it comes to how we […]

Why I Don’t Specify Mac Pro For High Demand Post Tasks

I consult for many small to mid sized post houses and I don’t like to specify an Apple Mac Pro for the most demanding post applications. I’m often asked why. First a disclaimer, I’m not talking about the needs of the average individual editor or colorist here who is working with a […]

4K Mobile and Web Video Production | Digital Cinema To Go

4K is here to stay, and it’ll go mobile too. Web video production is on the rise. We are consuming video on phones and tablets more than any other device. Marketing videos, corporate videos and even Youtube vlogging is part of our daily entertainment mix whether we like it or […]

The Academy Launches ACES As Global Standard

In my opinion, ACES is one of the most important landmark advancements in color management and post workflow ever. It promises to standardise image data in post to a scene linear floating point format that is both input and output device independent and encompasses the entire visible color gamut. The […]

Digital Film? The Film vs Digital Debate Continues

The very first large sensor digital cinema camera, the Dalsa Origin showed at NAB in 2003. It ignited the long running film vs digital debate, one of the hottest topics of discussion among both celluloid and digital imaging aficionados (and those of us who love both equally). The fire was fuelled by […]