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Origin of the Species | Evolution of the Digital Cinema Camera

The large sensor digital cinema camera that we know and love today has followed an interesting history of evolution and convergence.

The Battle That Never Was | The Separation of Film and Digital

For over a decade a fiery film vs digital debate raged among both creative and technical professionals in the motion picture industry. In recent years this fire has all but reduced to cooling embers, barely glowing as the debate itself has ceased to command any real meaning.

Become a Jedi Master of Digital Imaging

Unlock Your Creativity – Understand the Science of Digital Imaging Shoot first and ask questions later… fix it in post… It doesn’t have to be that way. You can master the science behind your art. Digital Imaging is the Marriage of Art and Science For me as a creator, a technologist, […]

Beyond 4K, Supersampling And Ultra High Dynamic Range

I’ve been reading with some skepticism news out from Sony about their latest mystery CineAlta camera in the works. It seems we’ve hit a bit of a plateau in camera development the past year or so and the more I look at the shortcomings of the current digital cinema cameras […]