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Origin of the Species | Evolution of the Digital Cinema Camera

The large sensor digital cinema camera that we know and love today has followed an interesting history of evolution and convergence.

Sharp Shooting for Guerilla Warfare – Part 2 – Ergonomics and Operation with Red MX, Alexa and EPIC

Largely thanks to Philip Bloom sharing with his crowd, last week’s post Sharp Shooting for Guerilla Warfare – Part 1 – Bare Bones DCinema with Red MX, Alexa and EPIC received 1144 views and some nice comments on the RedUser forum. Today I want to look at ergonomics and operation in a […]

Sharp Shooting for Guerilla Warfare – Part 1 – Bare Bones With Red MX, Alexa and EPIC

Finally I am ready to publish my first article in a series comparing my recent battlefield experiences with three of the worlds best digital cinema cameras. My gratitude and thanks goes out to all at Media Film Service (www.mediafilmservice.com) for their support and for fantastic gear. Also my thanks to […]

Digital Domination – Convergence, Integration, Virtualization, Miniaturization

NOTE: This post was published on Nov 6, 2010 and is a snapshot of views and opinions at that time. Today I realized again the priviledged position I am in, what I am witnessing and not only that, but playing an active part. If you are a regular reader of my […]

The Death Of Celluloid… Yes And No

I’ve come across a great article on AWN of the worlds first Arri Alexa vs Red Mysterium X test, it also happens to present a convincing overall argument that 2010 is officially the year celluloid died. http://www.awn.com/blogs/tracking-marc/worlds-first-side-side-arri-alexa-and-red-mysteriumx-camera-test I find this interesting as this has been a economic and technical inevitability […]

3D Stereoscopy – The Latest Gold Rush

I am embarrased to say I didn’t see it coming. The re-emergence of 3D stereoscopic motion pictures, made possible by major advancements in digital production, post-production and projection technologies totally caught me off guard. I knew it was happening, but I totally under-estimated the public response, and the commercial implications […]